Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Stop press: Amy Winehouse turns to Buddhism

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We're all fans of celebrity epiphanies/conversions/publicity-seeking discoveries of God/gods/spirituality, so I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that troubled singer Amy Winehouse has turned to Buddhism (so says the Sun).

Not interested? Shame on you. Did I mention it was Tina Turner that inspired her?


Wotnogod? said...

To be fair to Winehouse, Buddhism can be described as having spiritualism at its core, and is certainly one of the least offensive of the world's 'religions' - that is to say, I don't know of any Buddhist suicide bombers!

Spirituality encroaches on neurological science, albeit the study of the practice is in its infancy. No doubt, however, science will in due course provide a clear understanding of meditation, the conscious 'self', etc.

Personally, I think Winehouse should stick to the hard drugs - she'll get a better press.

Paul Sims said...

Agreed - a Buddhist conversion doesn't have quite the same car-crash level of fascination.

If spirituality, you may enjoy our "Does humanism need spirituality?" piece in the new issue. It'll be online shortly.

Shameless plug there.

Wotnogod? said...

I've just started my hard-copy subscription, thanks, so, I'll read the piece in question in the comfort of my own Parker Knoll with a nice cup of tea.

I didn't realise Tina Turner had so much to answer for, by the way.