Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Meet the new sensation in British satire... Christian Voice

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Yes, that's right. Stephen Green and his cronies at Christian Voice seem to have shifted away from their work as a homophobic, extremist evangelical pressure group in an attempt to become Britain's answer to American spoof news site The Onion. Well, that's if this press release apologising to Richard Dawkins, designed to emulate the Church of England's apology to Charles Darwin, is anything to go by:
"Professor Dawkins, 67 years (give or take a month or two) from your birth, Christian Voice owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and, by getting our first reaction wrong, encouraging others to misunderstand you still. (We are not sure that is good English, but please forgive us for that as well.) ...

"'Above all, we now realise, that contrary to your being a complete waste of space and a descendant of apes, you are actually made in the image of God. We realise that although you are still stupid, that is simply because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and that your eyes are blinded and your ears will not hear any contrary view. In short, we now see you are a sinner in need of the saving, life-transforming grace of God in Jesus Christ."
Hilarious, isn't it? But at least it makes you think that some of them might possess something approaching what we'd refer to as a sense of humour. And then you realise that they spent Sunday picketing London Zoo's annual "Gay Sunday" event:
"It was not long before the Parks Division of the Metropolitan Police asked us to stop giving out leaflets because they were causing some homosexuals 'alarm and distress' contrary to Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986. Apparently, the limits on freedom of speech stop in 'the Met' at the point when homosexuals are having their feathers ruffled.

"We stood our ground and the police backed down, giving each of us a 'stop and search' notice instead (although no-one was searched) and warning us not to go inside the Royal Park (where it seems anything more than breathing needs Her Majesty's permission). So we praised God for His intervention and carried on leafleting and evangelising.

"There were fewer homosexuals going in than last year, and although they had a discount, this time they had no fenced-off areas. But this meant the full depravity of the homosexual lifestyle was imposed on everyone, and the effect on children at this family venue formed the substance of our hard-hitting leaflet to which 'the gays' took such offence.

"We had some good conversations again, and we just pray that the seed of the word of God will have taken root in someone's heart. The leaflet also attacked evolutionism, and as the Zoological Society of London is a hotbed of Darwinism it confronted man's arrogance in more ways than one."

A lovely bunch, aren't they?

[Thanks Christina]