Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mamma Mia! Look who paid us a visit...

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It's not every day an international megastar pays a visit to the New Humanist offices, but that's what happened yesterday when Swedish musician Björn Ulvaeus, who you may remember from a little-known pop group named ABBA, came up to say hello along with Christer Sturmark, chairman of the Swedish Humanist Association.

Björn's a high-profile supporter of the Swedish humanists, and he and Christer were in town to meet various humanists and humanist organisations in London, before Björn popped off to pick up the award for Best Musical, for Mamma Mia!, at last night's National Movie Awards.

Christer, Björn and their colleagues have been doing a great job expanding the Swedish Humanist Association, making it the fastest growing humanist organisation in the world, and they were very keen to learn about New Humanist, as they publish their own bi-monthly magazine, Humanisten.

We couldn't help taking a photo. From left to right are Christer Sturmark, Björn Ulvaeus (complete with copy of our latest issue), NH editor Caspar Melville and Andrew Copson of the BHA.