Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Lord said let there be wood, and then it was censored

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The blasphemy law may have gone, but it seems there are still loopholes for ensuring items offence to the religious eye can be removed from public consumption.

Representatives from the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead are up in court for "outraging public decency and causing harassment, alarm and distress to the public" for running an exhibition by the Chinese artist Terence Koh, which featured plaster models of such characters as Mickey Mouse, ET and Jesus, all sporting healthy erections.

Essex resident Emily Mapfuwa, a 40-year-old Christian who was presumably already out of her comfort zone visiting the North East, saw the exhibition and was so offended that she launched a private prosecution, supported by the Christian Legal Centre, who, surprise surprise, were also behind Stephen Green's attempts to have the BBC prosecuted for blashphemy for showing Jerry Springer the Opera. According to one of their spokesmen, while Mapfuwa believes in freedom of expression, "this statue served no other purpose than to offend Christians and to denigrate Christ." The gallery has pleaded not guilty, and the case has been adjourned until 23 September.

As I said, with the blasphemy law stricken from the record, it was to be hoped Britain had seen an end to religious censorship. Looks like the battle is yet to be won.


DavidMWW said...

I haven't yet seen anything confirming that Mapfuwa actually attended the exhibition in question. She may be taking offence by proxy.

Anonymous said...

Can i be offended that someone would think i wanted to see mickey mouse, ET and Jebus with hard-ons.

Wotnogod? said...

This is all a little childish, is it not? Hard-on art like this is the stuff of class-rooms.

Mind you, a statuette of Mohammed with a stiffy - and there'd be blood in the streets. Terence Koh wouldn't have dared made one let alone exhibit it!

That's because we live in fear of what is a militaristic religion, and one with which we are already at war.

David said...

I am sure the statue was made simply to poke fun at at dishonour Jesus and therefore the religion he stands for. But, so what? Why have we not the right to offend, however childishly it was done.

Anonymous said...

The penis is in the wrong place anyway, so far south he would have a hard time reaching it. When G-d created man, he placed the genitals at just the right place for self-fondling. WWJD?