Friday, 19 September 2008

Italian comedian won't be prosecuted for insulting the Pope

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Last week we reported on the plight of Sabina Guzzanti, the Italian comedian who was facing prosecution for suggesting the Pope's views on homosexuality might result in him spending eternity "in hell, tormented by queer demons - not passive ones, but very active ones."

The latest news is that the Italian Justice Minister, Angelino Alfano, has decided to block the case saying he has "decided not to authorise it, knowing well the stature and capacity of the pope for forgiveness."

Which gives the impression it's all to do with the Pope's honour, and nothing to do with not using a treaty signed by Mussolini in order to stifle free speech. The Vatican has backed the Minister's decision, as a spokesperson explained to an Italian news agency:
"The justice minister's decision was wise. The Pope's authority is far too superior to be dented and, in his magnanimity, he considers the case closed."
He's willing to accept a legal decision made by the Justice Minister of a sovereign state. Is there no limit to his magnanimity?