Thursday, 18 September 2008

Have Anonymous trained their sights on Sarah Palin?

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I know this blog is in danger of becoming obsessed with Sarah Palin, but let's enjoy her while we can because, at the risk of declaring political allegiance to a party in a country I don't even live in, with any luck she'll be out of the spotlight come 5 November. In the meantime I intend to write about her, and use pictures of her next to pictures of semi-related things, at every opportunity.

The latest news concerns the work of some hackers, who've managed to expose the fact that Palin has been using a Yahoo email account to conduct some of her gubernatorial business, which is naughty because it allows her to avoid the transparency that goes with using her official email address. The hackers have kindly posted details of this on the whistleblowing website Wikileaks.

Now, this wouldn't be of any direct interest to us were it not for the fact that the hackers concerned are said to be "loosely affiliated with the group Anonymous", the internet pranksters better known for the actions against the Church of Scientology. You're likely to have come across them in the form of their masked protests outside Scientology centres around the world (Christina Martin and I visited one of their London protests and made a podcast), but their original hardcore were trolls and hackers devoted to bringing down Scientology website.

Has this hardcore now turned its attention to Palin? If so, can we expect masked protests outside the White House if McCain wins in November?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is not a group you can be "loosely associated to". Neither is something hell bent on evil, as it has been pictured before.

Å said...

Don't worry about declaring political alliance to a party in a country you don't belong to. I feel the same way. I live practically next door to the US, and my home town has the bad reputation of copying the US, culturally, in consumer habits and sometimes, with policies. Although church and state here have been separated, some people are pushing that policies be decided on religious arguments, instead of scientific. This law, approved by reason alone, and not faith was hard won. I don't want to imagine what will happen to my country, and it's people and it's policies if they have the encouragement of Sarah Palin's and the religious right ruling our very influential neighbor

Anonymous said...

Sarah thought she was so mighty with her Church by her side. They tried and

tried. Even called upon the Almighty to lift her high. HE ROSE HER TO THE

TOP AND SHOT HER DOWN WITH HER LIES....NO where to hide the truth except in

her fellow drunken eyes. LOOSE WORDS WILL CONDEMN only those who speak them

for revenge. SARAH, SARAH, so pretty with such an evil streak. YOU HAVE NO


you will be the only one to BLAME.......I hope you find your way. Find it

soon. Your children's SAKE, will be doom to a life of ridicule. There still

is hope for you. As long as you show your children who you are for real.

Then explain how you messed it up . Start over with truth, Then maybe life

will be full filled.