Tuesday, 30 September 2008

God Delusion features in Family Guy storyline

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Just a quick note, mostly because I like Family Guy. I've just learned via Richard Dawkins' website that the God Delusion plays a part in a new episode (for the uninitiated, Family Guy's an American animated sitcom, a la South Park and The Simpsons). Apparently Brian the dog falls in love with a woman when they both reach for a copy in a bookshop.

As people have pointed out on the Dawkins forum, Family Guy are a bit behind South Park, who two years ago featured Dawkins in an episode in which he rid the world of religion, erecting science in its place, and also found time to have a passionate relationship with the town's transgendered teacher, Mrs Garrison.

However, I'm not convinced by some of the other comments on the Dawkins forum, for example "This is a huge step for atheism". As I said, I just like Family Guy.

US readers can watch the whole show here, but for the rest of you here's a (very) short clip:


PrexicKehdaki said...

hehe, I uploaded that video

and I wanted to upload a longer clip (originally 3 minutes) but youtube has new software that detects copyrighted content. Not even kidding. I was only able to get in like 9 seconds of it without it being detected