Monday, 1 September 2008

Could the next-but-one US President be a gun-toting, anti-abortion creationist?

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Last week I reported how Democrat VP-nominee Joe Biden once said of creationism “I refuse to believe the majority of people believe this malarkey!” With that in mind, I look forward to him debating his opposite number Sarah Palin, who has stated she is not against the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in science lessons.

Okay, so they're unlikely to spend time debating creationism given the more pressing issues at stake in the election, but it's interesting to see how the evangelical wing of the Republican party feels rejuvenated by the selection of Palin. She's an anti-everything candidate – abortion, gun control, gay marriage – and as this piece from the Washington Post points out, many evangelicals have acquired a new-found enthusiasm for the McCain campaign.

But Palin's a risky choice for McCain – she may bring in the religious vote (which both parties have been competing for in this election), but her selection is also aimed at bringing disgruntled Hilary Clinton voters over to the Republican side. Hilary's suppoters are not exactly against the same things as Palin, so it remains to be seen whether the self-styled "hockey mom" will inspire the more liberal women of America.

Either way, she's the perfect candidate for this blog to keep track of – expect to hear more about her in the coming months.