Thursday, 18 September 2008

Australian cleric revamps Christian faith

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Here's one that'll win the faithful over – controversial Australian cleric Francis MacNab, who runs St Michael's Uniting Church in Melbourne, has launched a new campaign to overhaul the Christian faith by making it "more believable, realistic and helpful in terms of the way people live."

How does he plan to do this, I hear you ask? It seems he intends to start by telling the faithful that Jesus was "just a Jewish peasant", Abraham didn't exist, Moses was a mass murderer (so it seems he, unlike Abraham, did exist) and the Ten Commandments are "too negative".

He's promoting this new interpretation with the aid of a AU$12,000 marketing budget, and further reading reveals he's supplanting the Christian faith with what appears to amount to deism:

"We have given up that idea. He's no longer the God up there, an interventionist God. We can all feel a presence beyond ourselves and are trying to get in touch with the presence better than ourselves. It's trying to bring a more humanitarian understanding."

[Thanks to reader Greg Hirtzel for sending this in]


Bob said...

It turns out I'm a Scientologist. I just don't believe all the bullshit parts...

Paul Sims said...

Come to think of it, isn't much of the above already covered by the CofE?