Monday, 22 September 2008

All human history in 67 drawings and one word

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As you may know New Humanist is lucky enough to able to draw on the talents of one of the very best satirical cartoonists- Martin Rowson. Martin has been doing our covers for several years now, and usually has at least a couple of other illustrations in each issue (like this one, from a piece by Dave Belden about the evangelical take-over of the US army). Soon we will be adding a gallery function to the website so we can gather all his brilliant drawings in one place, but in the meantime...

Here's the drawing he did for the most recent issue that is taken from his most recent book, Fuck: The Human Odyssey, published today. And here you can visit the Gallery who are flogging the originals to see the whole book. Fucking wonderful.
(NB Martin can write too- see this piece about Hogarth)