Thursday, 18 September 2008

AC Grayling: Discuss creationism in history lessons, but keep it out of science

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Creationism continues to be the issue of the moment – on top of his debate with Steve Fuller on this website, AC Grayling has followed up on the Michael Reiss controversy by writing a piece for Comment is Free in which he argues that, while there should be no place for teaching about creationism in science lessons ("no one suggests astrology should be taught alongside astronomy"), there is a place for its discussion in history lessons. But, crucially, this would only work in secular schools, where there is no chance that teachers would pass off creation myths as objective truths.

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AT said...

It's not about who's right. As long as a significant percentage of the population believes that there is a credible argument for creationism, or even 'tempered' creationism if there is such a thing, then it ought to be discussed in science classes. It's more appropriate for history but the history of knowledge - and this is a big part of that story - doesn't work according to what's appropriate. And evolution isn't going to be adequately addressed in history classes anyway.