Friday, 29 August 2008

Why so serious?

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Talk about taking a late jump on to a bandwagon – US magazine Christianity Today has just this week offered its opinion on summer blockbuster The Dark Knight, claiming that "America's hero worship has propelled the latest Batman film up the charts as the second-highest grossing movie of all time." (And there was me thinking it was just because it's a great movie.)

After drawing parallels between The Dark Knight and Old Testament "heroes" such as Samson and David, the article warns that "We must not ... draw too many parallels between the Old Testament and The Dark Knight."

Why not, I hear you ask. Surely the only option available to you after watching this masterful comic book adaptation is to draw comparisons with the Old Testament? Not so, says Christianity Today, because "In the movie, justice is detached from God" and "Drawing close parallels between The Dark Knight and Old Testament also misses the nuances of progressive revelation."

Well, that's cleared that one up.