Friday, 1 August 2008

There's nothing like a crucified frog to get your holiday started

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After taking over Sydney and almost causing a clamp down on civil liberties for World Youth Day, Pope Benedict XVI is now taking a well-earned summer holiday at the Bressanone seminary near Bolzano, northern Italy.

The only problem is that the whole trip is in danger of being ruined (okay, maybe not ruined) by a sculpture of a cartoon frog being crucified while holding a beer in one hand and an egg in the other. This stunning art work, by German artist Martin Kippenberger, is on display at the Bolzano Museum of Modern Art and has already been moved from the entrance to the third floor under pressure from the local bishop, and the separatist Union for South Tyrol have collected 10,000 signatures demanding its complete removal.

The Bishop of Bolzano has discussed this travesty with the Pope, but unfortunately he refused to divulge the Papal opinion. Meanwhile the museum have defended the sculpture, saying it is not an attack on Christianity but merely a reflection of the artist's “state of profound crisis”.

And there was me thinking he just hadn't got over hating that Crazy Frog ringtone from a couple of years ago.