Thursday, 14 August 2008

The striker, the ball and the Holy Goal

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That's right, more football and more Olympics. Watching the highlights from the football tournament last night I couldn't help noticing that the Nigerian side have adopted a novel goal celebration, whereby the scorer, in this case the wonderfully-named Isaac Promise, touches several of his teammates on the forehead, who then fall down flat on the floor.

Discussing this in the office this morning, we were convinced there must be some kind of religious element, so I conducted a bit of web research. This Metro report didn't shed any light, but the comments underneath did:

"He is sending the holy ghost to the players, like how pastors do in church." (2drama, michigan USA /Nigeria)

"The pushing you see them doing is a re-enactment of what happens in some Pentecostal churches. The person falls over because they are blessed and have received the power of God through the pastor." (Mike Jones, Lewisham)

While we wouldn't wish to rely on web comments as statements of fact, these suggestions seem more than reasonable. They correspond with what we were thinking anyway.

You can see the celebration in this video of the goal:


Charlotte said...

I can't watch video - it might be my end though.

Paul Sims said...

Looks like it's been taken down from the video site, Charlotte. Often happens with sport clips.