Friday, 1 August 2008

Saudi pets banned to stop men on the pull

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As part of Saudi Arabia's never-ending mission to clamp down on immoral behaviour, religious police in the capital Riyadh have banned the sale of cats and dogs, and prohibited men from walking dogs in public.

While taking your pet for a stroll may not seem like the most immoral of acts, the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice are acting on the basis of a time-honoured stereotype – the ladies just love cuddly animals, and are guaranteed to fall for any man displaying similar affections.

Speaking to state newspaper Al-Hayat, the commission's general manager Othman al-Othman explained that the ban is designed to put a stop to "the rising of phenomenon of men using cats and dogs to make passes at women and pester families" as well as "violating proper behaviour in public squares and malls."

However, it remains to be seen if moral standards in Riyadh will soar as a result of the ban. Pet ownership is fairly rare in Saudi Arabia and similar bans in Mecca and Jiddah have failed to have the desired effect.

Reporting on the ban, Associated Press offer another possible reason – the ruling conservative Saudis view pets as a Western trend, popular among fashionable youngsters, just like pop music, fast food and jeans.


amstrong said...

Sale of pet in Saudi Arabia
Dear readers
The true Islam respects Cats, Dogs and all other animals. Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessing of Allah be up on him) told a story of a man who received Paradise, The man was thirsty amid the desert, then saw a small well, he got down to the well and drank water, when he returned he saw a starving dog. He remembered his situation just few minutes before, then he again got down to the well, carried some water in his shoe and given it to that thirsty dog. The other story was of women who tied, tortured and let a cat to die of hungry who will go to hell. Listeners asked “ O Prophet, will we be rewarded from Allah over Four legged animals too, he replied, yes.
Like human life, animals life too sacred in Islam. Once, Prophet asked to put off the fire, when he saw ants passing by. In another occasion he asked a person who ill-treated his camel, don’t you fear Allah over this animal.
Prophet (Peace and blessing of Allah be up on him) has directed the people neither scolds nor curses the animals.
Here we should take care that, if we are having a pet animal we are not spending time and care for them to such an extent that we does not have time For other important activities like remembering God, helping poor and needy people, Undertaking family responsibilities and doing all other good deeds.
I feel fostering a pet is not good in the following cases.
1.When he can enjoy the presents of pet but cannot look after the welfare of it.
2. He use the pet for indecent activities like making pass on women and it disturbs families etc…
3.When he devotes his valuable time towards his pet forgetting all his other responsibility.