Thursday, 28 August 2008

Obama, King and an anti-abortion shift with the Democrats

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It doesn't seem to pop into my inbox that often anymore, but when it does the Revealer never fails to serve up some good reading (or in this case links to some good reading).

With the Democratic convention in full swing, the latest instalment is election flavoured, opening with a link to this piece from The Nation comparing Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. Obama makes his nomination acceptance speech tonight in the Denver Broncos' stadium, not entirely unintentionally 45 years to the day since King delivered his "I have a dream" speech. Inevitably many have drawn comparisons between Obama and King but, suggets historian Adele Oltman in The Nation, the more valid comparison may be between Obama and King's father, Martin Sr.

Keeping with the election theme, there's also as link to a Wall Street Journal piece on the growing anti-abortion lobby within the Democratic Party. "On the fiery issue of abortion," writes Suzanne Staline, "the Democratic Party has been taking small but notable steps to the right – continuing to vigorously support abortion rights but adding more support for family-planning and other educational services that would 'reduce the need for abortions'." It's all part of attempts to bring evangelical voters over to the Democratic side (James Crabtree wrote about this in our June issue), but this shift to the right is worrying pro-choice Democrats.

To return briefly to Obama, anyone wondering how his rhetorical skills compare to King Jr should take a look at his masterful speech on race, delivered at the height of the furore over his former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright:


Merseymike said...

I am pro-choice. But I am also in favour of preventing the need for abortion whenever possible - contraception and family planning and decent sex education.

These should always be preferred to abortion, surely? Not because of anything to do with the foetus, but the woman?

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