Thursday, 14 August 2008

Jesus was a skater boy

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If you’re a bored teenager looking for a place to skateboard this summer, the last thing you need is to be warned of the coming Apocalypse in between sessions on the half-pipe. This is what’s been happening in West Fife, Scotland, where children are being convinced that the “world is going to die, and only those who love Jesus will be saved”, according to a parent who went with his child to a “skate demo”. Although the demo was sponsored by Cavalry Christian Fellowship no one expected to be told that the end of the world was coming – least of all the children who had come to learn about skating. Cavalry Christian Fellowship says, “We have the right by law to say what we believe, it’s as simple as that.”


Bob said...

I think it is tragic when "rights talk" blinds people to wider issues. Rights are important, of course. But in this case the major criticism that people are making is not that they don't have the right to do it, necessarily, it's how bloody distasteful, to the point of being a little sinister, this kind of diversionary, covert evangelism is.

(Having said that, as it happens, you'd have thought that there ware legal issues here, like that they should have to get permission from the Council or declare more fully their agenda or something.)