Friday, 29 August 2008

Galileo still causing trouble for the Catholic Church

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Despite the fact that we're all largely agreed on the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun (without wishing to forget the Flat Earth Society), Galileo continues to cause problems for the Catholic Church. We had the protests against the Pope by Italian students earlier in the year, and now a proposal to erect a statue of the great astronomer in the Vatican could lead to controversy.

A mystery benefactor has stumped up the necessary cash for the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences to commission the statue, and to stave off controversy the Vatican had hoped to keep it secret for the time being. But the plans were leaked to the Italian press, and now naysayers claim the statue is a feeble ploy by the Church to make up for Galielo's persecution and claim him and his work as part of the Catholic tradition.

"It's an effort to make him a symbol, an attempt to make Galileo one of the emblems of the churchs. It's the church which needs rehabilitation on this case, not Galileo. He was right" said Paolo Galluzzi, head of the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence.


Anonymous said...

While the Church admitted in the biased (or probably lighter) "persecution" of Galileo during his time; it should be known that the Church's objection to Galileo's claims were based on:
1. his claims about the nature of God's plan/design, and
2. his direct opposition to his "derived" conclusion against the Catholic faith
(the Church calls them "heresies") based entirely on his then limited observations, and not directly against his claims that the Sun is the center of the Universe.

Note that even the claims of the Sciences before and during the Renaissance period were because of the strong financial and moral support from the Church. It was the overwhelming care of the Church on the handling and protection of revealed Truth that caused this kind of "controversy" specially during the time when She is suffering from human weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

If you are really unbiased and critical, you should have at least read the view of the Church and check out the truth behind:

"Before you cross a road, look both sides."

Anonymous said...

Well, that is just easy isn't it. Have you ever heard of Dark Ages? Reneisance begun not because church volonteered it's money for betterment of mankind, but because few individuals wanted to know the truth about the universe and natural laws around us. Church was very much opposed to this. They burned quite a few people for it too you know. Only after many, many, many years did they cave in under the evidence. And now people like you two claim that this progess of science was due to church. hahaha very funny!

valdemar said...

Are they going to put up a statue to Giordano Bruno? He said the stars were distant suns, and that other beings might live on worlds orbiting those suns. For this - and, yes, a lot of other heretical notions - he was burned at the stake. Galileo would have had Bruno's barbaric execution in the forefront of his mind whenever he published anything. He was a very brave man, as well as a brilliant one.