Monday, 11 August 2008

For the 86th time, I do

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While an ordinary man with 10 wives “would collapse and die”, Mohammed Bello Abubakar, an 84-year-old from Nigeria, now has 86 wives and has so far survived thanks to his power “given by Allah”. Due to this, he advises other men, that is, those out of direct communication with God, against having 86 wives and an estimated 170 children.

Mohammed Abubakar has wives a quarter of his age, one of whom says that he claimed the marriage was “directly an order from God”. As for the others, they all came with illnesses to find Mohammed (who also happens to have healing powers), all of whom he cured. If you have an illness, all you have to do is sit in front of him, and he can see it and “just remove it”.

Despite the large family, neither Mohammed nor his wives have any work, and to the casual observer it may seem a mystery how he makes the money to pay for food and clothes. No need to worry though, as Mohammed easily answers the question – he gets it from God.


Jonathon said...

Ummmmmmm.... Islam does not permit a man to have more than four (4) wives, so I am confused by his claim that Allah told him to marry these women. From my reading of the Qur'an, I think that Muhammad and Allah were pretty clear on that point.

86 wives? Come on.... that's just insane! Someone needs to rescue those poor women.