Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Fire at Westboro Baptist Church

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While New Humanist would never say a building setting on fire is a good thing, there must be a few people out there struggling to sympathise with Fred Phelps and family after a fire broke out at their Westboro Baptist Church at the weekend.

Firefighters have yet to ascertain the cause of the blaze, but as the video below shows, church leader Phelps wasted no time in pointing out who was to blame, namely "fags", "fag sympathisers" "unfaithful oath-breaking judges" (aka "unfaithful devils in black robes"), "big media moguls", "the filthy fag-riddles military", "the mean-spirited citizens of this evil, hellbound nation" and, last but not least, "America's hypocrisy".

In other WBC news, they're planning on picketing the funeral of Tim McClean, the man beheaded on a Canadian bus last week, and they seem to have a competitor in the form of the satirical Eastboro Baptist Church. Led by the Pastor Ben Bigots, Eastboro operate under the mantra "God Hates Everyone Except Us". But, they say, while he hates everything, including the Universe, he hates Westboro Baptist Church most of all.


sesaworuban said...

Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe that this was actually a real broadcast...


Fisioterapia said...

i think it's fake!!!!