Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Environmentalists: stop saving the planet

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Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a champion of the Christian Right, believes, contrary to environmentalists worried about global warming, that the planet has already been saved once by Jesus, and doesn’t need to be saved by them. Bachmann says that Nancy Pelsoi, speaker of the US House of Representatives and a keen environmentalist, is “committed to her global warming fanaticism to the point where she has said that she’s trying to save the planet. We all know that someone did that over 2,000 years ago, they saved the planet – we didn’t need Nancy Pelsoi to do that.”

Meanwhile, as one Christian Fundamentalist tells us to stop worrying about the environment, another group is trying to control it. Focus on the Family is calling on US conservatives to pray for “torrential” downpours to flood Denver, where Barack Obama will accept the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in Denver stadium on August 28th. This message was put out by Stuart Shepard, a member of Focus on the Family, who asked, “Would it be wrong to ask people to pray for rain of biblical proportions?” Shepard is asking for the rain to start “two minutes before the speech is set to begin”. However, Shepard accepts that it’s “always up to God to decide… and if he decides it’s not really necessary” then he’ll live with that.