Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Bogus clergy alert

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It has recently come to attention that a bishop operating in Dallas, who is offering certain religious services for fees of $100 - $200, is a fake. The Catholic Church is appalled and assures us that they do not charge “per sacrament”. This fake bishop has been seen offering his services inside motels, but the church tells us (so that we may know the difference) that they only perform their sacraments inside a church – not hotels.

In other news, east San Diego County has shut down a Catholic church, after ordering it to “cease all religious activity or face legal action”. This was followed by the county threatening to cut the church’s power. After being open for 25 years the county has declared the church to be illegal, and in its place the county has allowed an establishment offering alcohol sales and live entertainment.

In outrage, the Pacific Justice Institute has filed a lawsuit to protect the church, and a spokesman asks, “Does the county really think this community is better off with a bar that invites substance abuse than with a church that is changing lives?”


paulg said...

The church that was shut down wasn’t one operated by The One True Church™ — it was one of those heretical heathen ones named the “Guatay Christian Fellowship.”

Clue tip: churches operated by Holy Mother Church™ don’t have “christian” in their name.

My guess is that the property was zoned residential and the church was a nonconforming use. Likewise, the church probably didn’t get building permits for the restoration and improvements on the property. The general remedy for these types of violations is an order to tear them down, get the permit and rebuild them. Also possible would be health and safety code violations.

Lorraine said...

Yes this is a problem.

Dean said...

What's a problem? People exercising their 1st amendment rights?

The county is now resorting to zone inspections as a form of harrassment rather than graciously backing down from a court battle they know they will lose.

I have been inside the building where those people worship. There is nothing wrong with that structure but as an "inspector" myself, I guarantee you, I will always be able to find "something" to keep those people out of their church home.