Friday, 15 August 2008

Become 38 per cent God

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Spore’s fans are 38 per cent God,” says Will Wright, the developer of a new video game Spore. This game gives players the ability to develop a new species from a microscopic organism all the way into intelligent life that eventually moves into space.

As for “38 per cent God” – Wright says that Spore fans took 18 days to create 2 million species, and that God took 7 days to create “less than 2 million species”, so the players are effectively “0.38G”. He also claims that as the number of Spore species is increasing so fast, players will be at “1G” soon, and by the end of the year “3G”.

Unfortunately for Wright, ecologists dispute this claim as there are a lot more than 2 millions species – an estimated 5–30 million species are thought to exist, with only 1.75 million identified.


Jim said...

An interesting evolution cartoon on vadlo!