Thursday, 3 July 2008

Stephen Green asks BBC to pay his costs after losing Jerry Springer blasphemy case

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Stephen Green of Christian Voice – who claims to be facing bankruptcy after losing his bid to bring blasphemy charges against the BBC over the screening of Jerry Springer the Opera – has launched a desperate bid to avoid financial ruin by suggesting that licence-payers should pay his costs.

He was due to pay a total of £90,000 to the BBC and TV producers Avalon this week, but failed to deliver, adding that he would have to go bankrupt if he paid up. He's even written to BBC director-general Mark Thompson and John Thoday of Avalon asking them to waive the costs, and set up an online petition in the hope of encouraging them to do so.

Christian Voice feel that since Mark Thompson earns £750,000 a year, and the "BBC spends millions on inflated salaries for celebrities, rebranding logos and the news and on channels hardly anyone watches" then it would be perfectly fine to let Green off paying costs he was ordered to pay by the High Court after attempting a challenge to free speech under an archaic blasphemy law which, thankfully, has since ceased to exist.

Needless to say lots of people would quite like to see Green pay up, and a counter-petition has been launched to try and make sure he does. There's also a Facebook group.

I wouldn't want to publicly encourage a campaign to ensure a man goes bankrupt, but I can't stop you visiting those links...


Cabalamat said...

Stephen Green should get his imaginary friend in the sky to pay his bills. I’m sure if he’s as chummy with his imaginary friend as he says he is, this won’t be a problem.

Sethur said...

Is there a petition I can sign anywhere to ask the BBC to refuse to pay his costs. Not only would it be a waste of licence payers money, this bigot is a dangerous man in my opinion and experience, having once had to be protected from him at an LSE event for pointing out, correctly (according to an interview he gave to the BBC) that he had no objection to BNP members attending pathetic rallies against Jerry Springer - The Opera

Paul Sims said...

Sethur - the link to the counter-petition is in my blog post:

1050 signatures so far...