Monday, 7 July 2008

Fancy a confession, mate?

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We all know you can find a wide range of counterfeit goods and bogus services on the streets of a big city, but how about fake religious officiants? Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano reports that authorities in the Holy See tried a man for impersonating a Catholic priest.

Apparently the man was trying to hear confessions in St Peter's Basilica, as Vatican Judge Gianluigi Marrone explained:

"Some time ago I had to deal with an unusual case - a fake priest. He was caught by surprise in the basilica while he was trying to take his place in a confessional. He was wearing clerical garb, but the expert eye of our (basilica) personnel didn't need much to sense something strange in his behaviour."

That's as much information as there is, so we can only speculate as to whether the imposter proved to be as good as the real thing.