Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Civil liberties to be reduced for Pope's visit to Sydney

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A few weeks ago we reported on how this month's Catholic World Youth Day (Papal visit included) is set to cause a rise in visits to Sydney's brothels and strip clubs, but now we've learned of a far less amusing knock-on effect courtesy of Reuters (via our friend Christina Martin).

Fearing a bout of protests and anti-Catholic messages, the Australian authorities have given Sydney police extra powers to clamp down on anyone "causing annoyance or inconvenience to participants in World Youth Day". One group is planning on handing out condoms to those attending the Papal extravaganza (Reuters say it's the Catholic Church's Woodstock, so naturally we need to start calling it "Popestock"), but under the new powers they could face arrest and a fine of 5,000 Australian dollars.

Civil liberties campaigners are unhappy, including Anna Katzmann of the New South Wales Bar Association, who said the measures are "repugnant for two reasons. First of all the government has by-passed the normal parliamentary scrutiny...and secondly they are an unreasonable interference with people's freedom of speech and movement."

Good luck to the protesters, we say, especially with handing out those condoms. If the story about increased demand for prostitutes holds true, they might just come in handy...


Warren said...

One group is planning on handing out condoms to those attending the Papal extravaganza

Well, see, that's your problem right there; naturally that would disrupt participation in "World Youth Day". Priests hate the flavor of latex.

Anonymous said...

Why is it hard for you anti-catholic types to comprehend that the church's stance on not allowing condoms is due to its stance on only allowing sex within the sanctity of marriage. Its not hard to understand that condoms are not necessary within a marriage, and by the church changing its views on condoms would mean condoning sex before marriage and outside the sanctity of marriage. The church should be applauded for being the only institution in the world with some morality instead of continual slander from atheists who would rather see the catholic church condoning polygamous activity. All you anti catholics continually claim that us christians have not a free intellect, well I can't understand how a free intellect could not grasp that a catholic who decides to have sex outside their marriage, or before marriage is clearly going against the churches teachings and committing a sin. Now how ludicrous is it to consider that even though they are committing a greater sin than wearing a condom, they would stop and consider not using a condom in order to be in line with the churches teachings when clearly they had already passed that line by committing to sex outside the sanctity of marriage. Its a given, any sex requiring condoms is clearly outside the sanctity of marriage, and any catholic committing to sex outside of marriage is clearly not living by and practicing the church's teachings, therefore would never even consider not wearing a condom in order to be inline with the church. Such sexually active catholics are just as likely to use a condom as anybody else. One cannot claim that there is a greater spread of AIDS amongst catholics in the developed world due to the churches stance. Even though there is an abundance of education on the use of condoms in stopping spread HIV, it is still prevalent amongst non catholics as well as catholics. The situation in Africa is not the cause of the catholic church, but economic factors and poverty. Priests in those parts of the world have clearly stated that no sex before or outside of a marriage is the cure from the spread of disease, however where a spouse has the disease they have clearly stated "under those circumstances couples should use their common sense". Now all you anti catholics, get off our case and stop antagonising an issue that clearly you have not put under control yourselves. I still see HIV prevalent amongst communities that are very opposed to the church. Until anti-catholic groups erradicate the disease, please shut your mouths and maybe start practicing a more monogonous lifestyle!