Tuesday, 1 July 2008

BHA's response to Christina Odone's claim that faith schools are under threat

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Some of you may have noticed in the news that Catholic journalist (and regular outspoken critic of humanism/secularism/atheism/anything godless) Christina Odone has written a pamphlet claiming faith schools are under threat from "a government … aligning itself with a stridently secularist lobby".

Which, of course, is nonsense – I'll hand you over to our friend Andrew Copson, of the British Humanist Association, to explain why (he's written a response on the Guardian's Comment is Free).


Irim said...

Hey there,

Superb job on Andrew Copson's part - and kudos also to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.


What bothers me more than anything about commentators such as Christina Odone, Melanie McDonagh, pick a religious columnist, is that they seem utterly incapable of taking the facts and building an argument. I'd respect them but disagree if they could actually build a reasonable case, but despite their intelligence, I never find one.

I wonder why that is...