Friday, 27 June 2008

Westboro Baptist Church to picket George Carlin's funeral

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You have to pity those poor folk at the Westboro Baptist Church – they just keep on picketing funerals, whether they belong to Heath Ledger, victims of school massacres or US soldiers killed in Iraq, but no one seems to be getting any less gay, or any less atheist for that matter.

And now they've announced plans to picket the funeral of a man who really couldn't have cared less where a bunch of Christian fundamentalist homophobes from Kansas think he'll be spending his non-existent afterlife. Yes, that's right – the Westboro Baptist Church will be outside the funeral of the late, great George Carlin who, in their words was "the filthy blasphemer - the obscene potty-mouth skeptic, agnostic, and profane atheist - who had nothing but disdain for God and the Bible all the days of his tragic life - [who] is now, at this minute and for ever writhing and screaming in exquisite pain - pleading for mercy from that God he flipped off while performing for HBO for lucre."

Something tells us Carlin would have quite enjoyed that description.


HighVoltage1200 said...

I Think this is Absurd the man is Dead he was a Brilliant performer How dare this church cast Judgment
upon a fellow human being ,George Carlin spoke on matters most would not entertain the thought of doing , and you say he is in hell how dare you you call yourselves God Fearing people Judge Not Lest We be Judged !!!!!

Anonymous said...

...[who] is now, at this minute and for ever writhing and screaming in exquisite pain - pleading for mercy...

A nonsense church and their nonsense god, both delighting in eternal torture. What a bunch of evil and arrogant bastards.

Thankfully many people have no reason to believe in any gods.

Drew R. said...

George Carlin was an amazing performer who reached audiences all over the world and spanned the generations. His talent as a comedian and actor will be remember by millions especially in my own generation as seeing him as Mr. Conductor and one hilarious comedian. Fred Phelps and his church of imbread "homophobes" has disgraced the name of christianity. Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church has had run ins with millions of groups including schools who perform "The Laramie Project" including my own school.

George Carlin is looking down upon this and using every one of the 7 words you can't say on television to describe Phelps to God!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh..."potty mouth" !! Next we'll hear about his nasty tummy and wee-wee.

What a bunch a evil idiots.

This is only being posted "anonymously" because I can't get it to work any other way

Anonymous said...

Members of the group "Anonymous" protested WBC when they showed up in Hawaii. Even managed to steal the State flag that they were planning to stomp on.

WBC are nothing more than a bunch of con artists, they do things to piss people off, hoping that someone will do something stupid.

Then when someone does do something. They sue everyone and get rich from it.

That's why the entire family is made up of lawyers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you think of Mr. Carlin, This group of nutcases needs to be dealt with. They try to disrupt the funerals of fallen soldiers and that, in my opinion, is unforgivable.

They hide behind the very freedoms the troops died to protect. We have them to thank for only one thing. They were the reason for the formation of a group of Patriots called Patriot Guard Riders. They are mostly Vets who have a love for motorcycles and physically block the WBC from the view of mourners of the fallen.

The WBC will have to answer to God when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

I dont remember the Westboro Baptist Church being sponsored and nurtured by the banker-corporate-commie media establishment like George "Time Warner - HBO" Carlin was...