Friday, 6 June 2008

Now Christians can email their friends after they've been swept up by the Rapture

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We've reported on a fair few bizarre religious websites in the past, but this one surely beats all the others. You've Been Left Behind allows Christians to prepare an email for up to 62 of their acquaintances likely to still be on Earth (under the governance of the Antichrist) after all the Bible-abiding Christians have been swept up into Heaven by the Rapture. Allow the You've Been Left Behind website to explain:

"We all have family and friends who have failed to receive the Good News of the Gospel. The unsaved will be 'left behind' on earth to go through the "tribulation period" after the "Rapture". Imagine how taken back they will be by the millions of missing Christians and devastation at the rapture. They will know it was true and that they have blown it. There will be a small window of time where they might be reached for the Kingdom of God. We have made it possible for you to send them a letter of love and a plea to receive Christ one last time."

Funnily enough, this service is not provided free of charge, with subscribers paying an annual fee of $40 for the security of knowing that their non-Christian friends and loved ones will be contacted at the beginning of the end. Emails will be sent 6 days after the Rapture, the website knowing it has happened "when 3 of our 5 team members scattered around the U.S fail to log in over a 3 day period. Another 3 days are given to fail safe any false triggering of the system."

I discovered You've Been Left Behind through the blog Threat Level (via the excellent News of the Weird), which emailed the site to find out if it's for real. They received a reply from it's creator, Mark Heard, who assured them that it is genuine and that it actually has some paying customers.

$40 a year well-spent, I'm sure you'll all agree...


Anonymous said...

It actually gets even better - you can register your bank accounts and credit cards with the service (secure, of course!) so that your loved ones can have access to your money after you no longer need it.

Yeah, right.

Craven Maven said...

After the Rapture, presumably this will become Hell on Earth. Which will be very hot. Won't the servers stop working?

I like the idea that the damned will take time out from being tormented by Satan to maintain the power stations and ISPs allowing these emails to be sent and received.

Jon said...

How can they call it hell on earth if my internet connection will still be working?
Really, someone ought to find those 5 people and get them hideously drunk for 6 days so all those messages go out early.. I'm guessing the results would be hilarious... :-)

SmugBaldy said...

How funny! There was a similar service for "regular mail" called the Post-Rapture Post. I wrote about that a while ago here.

I like the idea of a post-rapture email service too. If only someone could come up with a heavenly twitter so we could get tweets from beyond the veil.