Monday, 2 June 2008

Now anti-Scientology protesters are under attack in Glasgow

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What is it with the police and Scientology? Following clampdowns on protesters using the word 'cult' in relation to Scientology in London and Birmingham, a Scottish newspaper yesterday reported similar action by the police in Glasgow.

According to the Sunday Herald, protesters from the group Anonymous were told to remove banners calling Scientology a 'cult' and this was confirmed by a spokeswoman for Strathclyde police, who tried to justify the action:

"The word is not a breach of the peace in itself. However, in this case it was exacerbating the situation and our stance was that we had to remove that. From a policing point of view, a balance has to be struck between the right to assemble and hold a meeting and other persons' rights to go about their business or demonstrate without being obstructed or hindered."

The only trend that seems to be emerging here is a complete lack of consistency on the part of the police, with different forces reaching entirely different conclusions regarding the use of the word 'cult'. As I said on Friday, surely the fact that the Crown Prosecution Service found no problem with protesters using the word in the City of London set a precedent that police can't prevent its use in other parts of the country? At least according to my understanding of how the law works (if any readers know a bit more about the law, please do explain some more by commenting on this post).

It's certainly time this issue was cleared up once and for all. Either using the word 'cult' in relation to Scientology is fine, in which case it can be used anywhere in the country, or it isn't, in which case there's a serious free speech issue that needs to be contested.


Anonymous said...

Because Justice Latey called Scientology a cult in a court decision then that descrpition is in the public domain as a legal description of this entity.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget English Law and Scots Law are different.

Scotland is more sensitive to any criticism of religion.

Phunicular said...

"From a policing point of view, a balance has to be struck between the right to assemble and hold a meeting and other persons' rights to go about their business or demonstrate without being obstructed or hindered." - my emphasis.

To me that sounds as if the words on the banners may not have been the only thing that caused the police action.

I don't trust police to uphold the law without bias, but I trust less the reporting of newspapers. Was this a quiet unobtrusive "protest" or were the "cult" banners actually obstructing business?

DavidMWW said...

The interesting thing here is that 3 different laws are being invoked in the 3 different locations. London, Birmingham and Glasgow: Public Order Act 1986, Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, and Scottish “breach of the peace”, respectively. It looks like they are trying every legal angle to fight the "cult" label .

What are they going to do when they run out of legal angles?

Makali said...

Oh there's an almost inexhaustible supply of legal angles, frustratingly. CoS has a lot of money, a lot of lawyers, and a lot to lose, so they've got plenty of incentive to try as many angles as possible, and to keep trying.

The other thing is, that just as Anonymous is a distributed effort, with thousands of protesters each doing a little to achieve a lot, so is Scientology's response. Hundreds of passionate, caring and intelligent individuals each doing their part to find a way to protect what they no doubt see as their rights and freedoms. These are people who have been misled, but not yet victimised by their church. I've known some of those guys, and they're Good People™.

The only way to fight the organisation and not the people is by revealing the lies they have been told and putting fact into the public record where the sinister elements cannot obscure or control it. An educated and informed public cannot fall prey to scientology, and Anonymous' joyful and absurd protests capture the attention of the public and create awareness of scientology's controversial status.

What's really impressed me is that the protests are still happening, that so many people are still committed to the cause, when I'd cynically assumed that they'd have become bored and wandered off long before now. I suspect that the church of scientology is now trying to make the whole thing as difficult and annoying for individuals as possible, so that fewer people will bother attending. I can only hope that the protests continue to be as fun and interesting as they have been so far, bringing in new people to match or exceed the numbers departing.

James said...

Was this a quiet unobtrusive "protest" or were the "cult" banners actually obstructing business?

I've seen the protests concerned in Glasgow on a couple of occasions and did not see any evidence that they were obstructing the "free stress tests". Any time I saw them, they were simply holding up placards and wearing masks.

The area they were protesting in is a busy shopping street in Glasgow city centre. I've had no trouble walking past them, whether it was between them and the Scientologists or otherwise.

It's possible a bit of aggro developed on the day in question, but I saw no sign of such a thing when I spoke to the protesters, whilst the police were still around, when I personally witnessed the police directing a protester to bin some signs and was told that the police told them not to use the word "cult".

Phunicular said...

Thanks James.

I guess the police spokeswoman was doing the usual professional spin job, i.e., make sure the police action sounds as if they had to do it to keep the peace.



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