Monday, 9 June 2008

French coach uses astrology to help pick his team

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Watching Germany v Poland on the BBC last night, I saw a bizarre little half time feature on how the French coach, Raymond Domenech, factors in astrology and the results of tarot readings when picking his team. Apparently he distrusts Scorpios and believes Leos have a tendency to show off. He didn't pick any Scorpios for his 2006 World Cup squad (even leaving out Robert Pires) and hasn't picked any for Euro 2008. His view of Leos means he's wary of playing them in defence, but the fact that the Arsenal captain William Gallas was born in August means Domenech generally has to overlook that rule.

It's all very odd and I'm not sure football fans over here would settle for the England manager basing his team selection on astrology (that said, we put up with Glenn Hoddle's faith healer for a while). However, the fact that Domenech took his country to within a Zinedine Zidane headbutt of winning the 2006 World Cup probably means French fans are willing to overlook his bizarre views, at least until they've seen how they perform in the present tournament.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a clip of the BBC feature on Domenech, which was a shame as it involved an Ozzy Osborne lookalike French astrologer explaining how horoscopes can be an excellent tool for managing a sports team. Instead you'll have to make do with this article from the Daily Mail...


Mark said...

Well, France have just come bottom of their group and are out of Euro 2008 with their worst performance in an international tournament for many years.

Not that one should generalise from this, of course... (har har!)

Paul Sims said...

he's certainly an odd one - he proposed to his girlfriend during his post-match interview. Understandable if you'd just won the tournament, but a bit inappropriate if you've just crashed out in the group stages!