Monday, 23 June 2008

Comedy legend George Carlin dies aged 71

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We were sad to hear that the American comedian George Carlin died at the weekend aged 71. As well as the fact that he played Rufus in the Bill and Ted films, which I loved when I was growing up, Carlin was one of comedy's most vociferous critics of organised religion and it can only be hoped that we will see his like again.

We'll be paying a proper tribute to Carlin in our forthcoming July/August issue, but for now sit back and admire the great man's views on religion:


Anonymous said...

Such a loss!

Bill Vincent said...

Seen that bit a hundred times, and still laugh.
He will be badly missed, hopefully someone of his calibre will grace us again.

Anonymous said...

Meh, he was an okay skeptic... but when he opened his mouth to say anything about what is true he sounded like a jackass.

Plus, his absolute malice towards religious believers (particularly catholics) was too over the top to be worthy of admiration or emulation.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a legend. He was so important to the making of American comics that he was really the savior of it. Without him and his actions Americans would still be hitting each other over the head with hammers and throwing pies at each other for comedy. He went to jail for our comedy and in this sense was ironically the Jesus of comics.