Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Jesus Camp on TV tonight

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Readers in the UK might be interested to hear that the Oscar-nominated documentary Jesus Camp is showing on Channel 4 tonight at 11.05pm.

The film profiles the Kids on Fire School of Ministry, a Pentecostal summer camp in North Dakota where fire and brimstone pastor Becky Fisher trains children to join the "army of God".

I haven't seen it, but it was critically acclaimed when it was released in 2006 and it looks suitably disturbing – see the trailer below:


Ian Thorpe said...

I post on a lot of American new media sites and the stuff I see there is very disturbing. Just as disturbing as the fact that around 50% of Americans do not see anything wrong with Jesus Camp and similar promotions.

I managed to conjure a comic article out of the programme, but it is quite dark humour.

wtf? said...

religion = child abuse