Thursday, 8 May 2008

Israel's 60th anniversary: more from our new issue

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Today Israel is celebrating its Independence Day, which this year marks 60 years since its foundation (initially I was confused as independence was declared on 14 May 1948, but a trusty Wikipedia search tells me Israel celebrates its Independence Day on the 5th of the Jewish lunar month Iyar, which is today).

To mark the 60th anniversary of Israel's foundation we asked two Jewish writers – Mike Marqusee and Eliane Glaser – to consider what Israel means for them. Their answers reflect the mixed feelings the issue invokes in those with attachments to Israel (and in those without them) and are sure to attract some strong opinions.

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Mordechay Ariely said...

I am an Israeli. Considering myself being lucky taking part in an unprecedented historical era.
A child of a 3500 years nation and culture.
A nation with a tradition of worldwide leading philosophers, lawyers, scientists but not leading generals and conquerors.
A nation that highlights every human being, life and children and not murdering the ones that don’t accept our way.
A nation that demanded from every single person to learn, read and write for over 2000 years.
A nation that the last 100 generations suffered every imaginary persecution worldwide.
A nation that has been demonized and still is demonized by big lies.
And me, the child of this nation taking active role in rebuilding our state. Israel the dream sate of my previous 100 generation.
Few Examples of our achievements:
Israel is ranked second country worldwide in the number of published new books.
The technology used by NASA to send pictures from Mars to the earth was developed by Israelis
24% of the working people have an academic degree-ranking Israel as number 3 worldwide.
Israel has received almost 1milion Jews expelled from the Arab countries, incorporated in Israeli society
Israel has developed agriculture and hydrologic technologies facilitating crops plantation in semi deserted areas. Israel has shared this knowhow worldwide including India , China and the Hopi Indian tribe in USA.
Israel is the only state entering the 21 century with increasing trees number.
Israel has send 120 doctors and 82 tons of medical supply to the last tsunami areas .One of the first helping countries .As well Israel is one of the leading countries providing help following Natural disasters ; Nairoby,Kosovo,Sri Lanka,New Orliance, Mexico city and Turky
The number of Israeli companies in NASDAQ is rated 3 following USA and Canada/

The Intel Pentium microprocessor has been developed in Israel.
Over 200000 people from 130 countries have been trained in Israel on Agriculture, Public health and rural development.
The Save a Child heart organization has brought more than 500 children from many countries to be operated in Israel hospitals
Arabic is official language alongside Hebrew.
60 years ago the education system of the Arabs leaving in Israel was marginal.
Today 55% of the Arabs pupils are passing the matriculation exams.
We have many dreams, active in many aspects of life building .We experience success and failures. We are doing many right things and some bed as well.
We are open to discuss our failures and debate our many ideas.
Sometimes learn the lessons and sometimes not.
With one hand and half of our brain we have to build and with the other hand and half brain we have to defend ourself.
We hope that one day the Arabs will accept Israel as a jewsh state.
One forgotten example of big lies- the root cause of the Arab refugees:
Arab governments called to Arabs to evacuate the land and leave for Arab countries .Since 1948 it is we who made them leave. Then we exploit them in executing crimes of murder in the service of political purposes.
Khaled el Azm-Syrian prime minister in his memoirs published 1973
One example of Israeli proposals;
At Lausanne conference Sep 1949 Israel offered ro repatriate 100000 refugees even without a peace treaty.Arabs rejected.
Arab spokespersons in Syria and Egypt wewre quated in Arab newspapers saing:
We will keep the refugees in their camps until the flag of Palestine flies over all the land.
They will go home on the corpses of the Jews