Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ex-footballer Gavin Peacock to train for religious career in Canada

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Continuing my fondness for stories where football meets religion, I thought I'd pick up on the news that former Chelsea midfielder Gavin Peacock is to emigrate to Canada to take a three-year Masters course in Divinity with a view to becoming an ordained Christian minister.

Now, this isn't one of those shock sporting conversion stories – Peacock's born-again and has been a Christian since the age of 19 – and in my opinion the real story is the reshuffle his departure will initiate in the BBC's punditry ranks. They've already lost Ian Wright as a result of using him as a "comedy jester" and with Peacock off with God they'll be forced to take on two new names to back up their diminishing football coverage. No doubt certain friends of mine who are as obsessed with punditry as they are with the game (you know who you are) will furiously debate the potential impact of Peacock's departure, but personally I'm a fan and would prefer it was someone else disappearing to the other side of the world to become a minister. Lawro, if you're reading this, have you ever considered the religious life?