Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Don't mention the 'c' word

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Four letters, begins with 'c' ends with 't', got a 'u' in it, you know the one. That’s right 'Cult'.

Turns out it is a criminal offence to use the word in reference to that august institution dedicated to thetan-themed gobblegook, the church of Scientology. At least it is in the City of London - where the chief superintendent appears to have some worrying links to said completely non-cultish religion, though it’s not in the rest of London. An un-named 15-year old faces prosecution for holding a placard with the 'c' word on it during a demonstration outside Scientology's city of London HQ. He was warned that juxtaposing the words Scientology and cult contravened section 5 of the Public Order Act and he was asked to take down the sign. After refusing he was issued with a summons - story here. The teenager's defence was that he was merely quoting the opinion of Mr Justice Lacey who back in 1994 used the ‘c’ word in reference to the aforementioned completely rational belief outfit founded by a scrupulously honest major novelist. Justice Lacey also concluded that said wholly savoury and unworryingly rich and powerful and totally not-at-all-paranoid collection of always-do-wells and marketing geniuses were "corrupt, sinister and dangerous" (expressing of course the Judge's opinion of these tirelessly self-less, community-minded missionaries from another planet).

If you are the anonymous 15-year-old or you know him, do get in touch - we might be able to help you with your case.


Alistair Scott said...

For those who may be interested, the full wackiness of $cientology can be savoured for free at Wikileaks where they have published one of the cult's higher level secret 'bibles'. Note, it would probably cost you several tens of thousands of pounds to get this through the 'official' channels, so snap it up while it lasts.

Here's some idea of the deep (if grammatically challenged) knowledge it imparts ...

"When a dormant BT wakes up it acquires mass. He's "not there", and then when attention is put on him he acquires mass. He's in some artificial valence (which produces mass). When some recognition is granted him, he goes in valence and blows. There's a ridge when a thetan feels under attack, or maybe unacked - first reaction is to stop, so he mocks up mass.

A BT sitting around or on a nerve channel, who is awakened and suddenly mocks up mass or a ridge, will shut down the nerve and knock the guy anaten - knocks the body anaten - not the pc. In the head especially, when a cluster suddenly mocks up mass, it shuts off nerve channels."

Of course, the $cientologists are wetting themselves that one of their most 'holy' books is in the public domain. They're making threatening legal noises and whatnot. All that money they're losing.

Arnfinn Pettersen said...

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