Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cult update: Messiah banged up

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Regular readers will remember Wayne Bent - the self-styled messiah of the Strong City cult which Ben Anthony visited for us for the Jan/Feb issue of New Humanist. Wayne's been in a spot of bother; he was arrested for sexual abuse of a minor following a complaint by one of the cult's former members. Three teenagers have also been removed from the cult compound. After three days he has been released on bond. Bent denies all charges - he says he did lie down naked with the children because he was ordered to by god, but no sexual contact took place - and found the time to point out that the three days he spent in jail were exactly the same amount of time Jesus was buried before (according to unconfirmed reports) he rose again. Uncanny. The case continues, we'll try and keep you posted.
Here's Ben and former cult members talking ab out it on the Larry King show.