Thursday, 10 April 2008

Psychics under-fire both on- and off-screen

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It's really not a good time to be a psychic. As was reported in the Observer last weekend, in a month's time they face new Consumer Protection Regulations that will come into force following the repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act. To the untrained ear the repeal of such an act might sound like a step backwards for rationality, were it not for the fact that less than 10 people have been prosecuted under it in the past two decades. In fact, the old law provided protection for 'genuine mediums', though quite how they were defined is anyone's guess. Under the new regulations, this absurd protection is gone and the onus will be on mediums to prove that they have not exploited 'vulnerable' subjects.

As if this wasn't enough, TV watchdog Ofcom has just issued new regulations aimed at clamping down on premium rate phone-ins. Any digital channels that exist purely as a platform for running phone-ins would be shut down, as the regulations state that the "primary purpose of the programme must be editorial, and any commercial activity associated with the PRS [premium-rate services], such as generation of call revenues, must be secondary to that purpose." In addition to leaving many late-night viewers high and dry by wiping out dedicated quiz channels and adult chat programmes, the regulations will also put paid to any psychic channels.

Told you it was a bad time to be a psychic. Which I guess means it's a good time to be a rationalist.


Matt said...

"Told you it was a bad time to be a psychic."

But how did you know?! ;)

Paul Sims said...

It's surprising what you can learn from your morning cup of tea...

battery said...

a good read