Friday, 11 April 2008

Presidential candidates could win by clamping down on porn

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Forget all the talk about Iraq or the economy: if the US presidential candidates really want to ensure victory in November's presidential elections, all they need to do is promise to make it harder for citizens to get their filthy hands on pornography.

Well, at least according to Morality in Media, a Christian group so determined to deny Americans the right to produce and peruse porn that it made it its sole aim. According to the good folks there, if the next US president were to "do all in his or constitutional power" to crack down on "hardcore pornographic materials ... proliferated in the form of videotapes and DVDs sold in sexually oriented and mainstream video stores, films distributed on cable, satellite and hotel TV systems, and still pictures and video disseminated on the Internet", they would have the "total support" of 75 per cent of American adults.

No doubt we can expect a shift in the focus of the campaign in the coming days...


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