Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Parents charged with manslaughter after choosing to let faith heal their baby daughter

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Here's another grim faith healing story, following on from last week's news that an 11-year-old girl from Wisconsin had died from a treatable form of diabetes after her parents chose to pray rather than take her to a doctor.

Now, the Telegraph reports that a couple from Oregon are to be prosecuted for manslaughter after they allowed their baby daughter to die from a condition that doctors say could have been treated with antibiotics.

Carl and Raylene Worthington chose faith healing over medicine for their 15-month-old daughter Ava, who was suffering from bacterial bronchial pneumonia. Following her death they were arrested and charged, and face up to six years in prison if convicted.

The couple are members of the fundamentalist church Followers of Christ, which according to the Telegraph has been involved in controversies in the past over children who died in similar circumstances.