Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Madonna: Your soul chooses the gender of your kids

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Just a little morsel here relating to an interview with Madonna in Vanity Fair. It provides a nice insight into the increasingly bizarre spiritualist views of the Kabbalah-following singer. Following some nonsense about paparazzi-stalking of celebrities being the same as witchcraft in Africa, or something, we get her reprimanding the interviewer for 'choosing' to have sons instead of daughters ('Me' being Vanity Fair interviewer Rich Cohen in this transcript):

Madonna: Do you have a daughter?
Me: No, three sons.
[Madonna looks at me accusingly.]
Me: I didn't choose it—it just happened.
Madonna: Do you believe that? You think things just happen?
Me: I think that just happened.
Madonna: Mm-hmm.
Me: So who's making the decision?
Madonna: You are, you and your missus.
Me: About what kind of kids we want?
Madonna: You chose it. Your soul chose it.
Me: No. Do you believe that? That my insides wanted boys?
Madonna: Unconsciously. Yes.

For anyone who actually cares, the full Vanity Fair interview is here.