Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Stars in your Reich

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So it turns out that the British government recruited an astrologer to try and second guess Hitler during the Second World War.

Files released by the National Archives show the Hungarian Ludwig von Wohl was hired by the wartime sabotage organisation, the Special Operations Executive, to study Hitler's stars in order to work out what advice the Fuhrer's own astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft, was handing out.

Von Wohl claimed Hitler relied heavily on Krafft's predictions, and so persuaded top officials it would be of great value to learn the substance of these.

This doesn't mean the entire British intelligence services were duped, however - both and MI5 and MI6 were entirely unconvinced. One MI6 report stated "One of our senior officers comments that he cannot believe that anyone is going to re-employ this dangerous charlatan and confidence-trick merchant", while an MI5 officer said the only correct prediction Von Wohl made regarded Italy's entry into the war, a forecast made when it was "quite patent to anybody with the slightest knowledge of international affairs".

No doubt, however, Von Wohl was able to find out vital information about Hitler's character. He was a Taurean, which must have meant he had a "good sense of humour" and was "loving, creative romantic, sensual, very sexual, attentive, comforting, steady, cautious, harmonious, trustworthy, calm, stable, patient, easygoing, careful, dependable and honest"

Who ever said astrology doesn't work?