Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hair straighteners advert offends Christians

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Now, this is really starting to get silly. A TV advertisement for hair straighteners (yes, hair straighteners) has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority because it risks offending Christians.

The ad for GHD straighteners featured "eroticised female imagery and an extract from the Lord's Prayer", and was deemed by the ASA to be in danger of causing "serious offence" to Christians.

A massive total of 23 people, including the Archdeacon of Liverpool, complained about the ad, which amazingly seems to be a sufficient percentage of the UK population to have something banned for the rest. Apparently they were particularly offended by a stylised cross-shaped letter 't' that appears in the end strapline "Thy will be done".

Fortunately for readers, the NH Blog is backing GHD Straighteners to bounce back from this setback and in a show of defiance we've tracked down a clip of the ad on YouTube for your perusal. Enjoy.