Thursday, 20 March 2008

Get your shoes shined by a bishop this Easter

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With the exception of the bank holidays, for us heathens there's very little that's appealing about the Easter period. But if you live in the Midlands you can take advantage of Christian observances by having your shoes shined by a Church of England clergyman.

Clergy will be working as shoe shiners on the streets of Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Northampton for the next three days in what the Bishop of Birmingham described as "a small demonstration that people who follow Jesus are prepared to roll up their sleeves and serve their communities."

It's supposed to be inspired to be inspired by Jesus washing the disciples' feet at the Last Supper, but if that's the case surely the shining vicars should be encouraging people to whip of their socks and settle down for a proper foot cleansing session?

Would you let a bishop shine your shoes? Let us know by voting in the poll at the top right of this page. There are 5 options to choose from:
  • Yes, you've got to take advantage. I'll bring along every pair I own
  • Yes, I admire their commitment and will happily allow them to demonstrate it on my shoes
  • No, I'm not a Christian so it would be wrong to take advantage of their faith to get my shoes cleaned
  • No, as an atheist I find the very idea of taking part in something related to Easter deeply offensive. In fact, I'm working on the bank holidays purely as a protest.
  • No, I wear trainers.


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