Friday, 28 March 2008

The Faith Roundup: a new occasional series

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

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In searching the web for stories for this blog, we tend to find that many headlines (and as a result, news stories) consist of someone putting their 'faith' in something or somebody else. Sports stories are the main offenders, but there are plenty of 'faith' stories from across the news spectrum.

Alongside 'faith' we're also fond of 'backing', i.e. the tendency for people to declare that they are 'backing' something or somebody else.

In the NH office we find the range of things that people find to 'back' or express their 'faith' in, as well as the banal nature of the resulting stories, both astounding and highly amusing so, while this has very little (or more accurately, nothing) to do with humanism, we've decided to back a new irregular blog feature – The Faith Roundup.

Each week (or from time to time, or seldom, depending on its popularity) we'll bring you a roundup of the best headlines involving 'faith' and 'backing'. We would have called it The Faith and Backing Roundup, but somehow it doesn't sound as catchy.

  1. Call to keep the internet faith despite downturn (Guardian, 26 March)
  2. Raikkonen has faith in his Ferrari (Sporting Life, 23 March)
  3. Massa has faith in Ferrari (Sporting Life, 22 March)
  4. Visa investors bolster my faith in future of plastic (Report on Business, 22 March)
  5. Capello puts faith in Becks (Sky Sports, 20 March)
  1. Beckham backs Capello to succeed (Sporting Life, 25 March)
  2. Peruvian president backs Beijing Olympic Games (China View, 28 March)
  3. Keane backs the modern player (Sky Sports, 28 March)
  4. Business backs 'bufoon' Boris (, 28 March)
  5. Pub backs bid to clear admiral's name (The Welwyn and Hatfield Times, 25 March)
We're very keen to hear readers' favourite faith and backing headlines, so if you've seen any good ones send them to us or leave them in a comment on this post.