Friday, 14 March 2008

Expelled: Make it free, they still wont come

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To follow up on earlier posts about Ben Stein's pro-ID propaganda film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, I've just learnt via Pharyngula that a free showing in a Florida cinema, aimed at winning over state legislators, was a complete flop.

Not content with offering to pay schools around America to take their students to see the documentary, the organisers rented out an IMAX cinema (you know, the big ones with the massive screens) in downtown Tallahassee for $940 and laid on a free evening out for lawmakers. It seems this was an attempt to get involved in an ongoing Florida dispute over the inclusion of evolution on state science curricula, but it also seems to have been a complete failure, as a meagre 100 people turned up.

I guess this shows that there is such thing as a free lunch after all, but if it's completely unappetising no one will bother coming to the table in the first place.


Major said...

Expelled is the third most watched documentary in theatres . . . and it will be on screens for several weeks still.

Anonymous said...

I... along with many, many others are very much looking forward to seeing 'Expelled' in BRITISH Cinema's.
Makes one wonder if it is that bad, why are folk so against letting everyone view the film for themselves?
Why does everyone have to follow everyone else's opinion?
Surely we can make up our own mind's. After we have viewed the film and not by everyone else's comments and judgement's.
(Whatever happened to being innocent until provern guilty!)