Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Dawkins goes undercover at screening of Expelled

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This is fantastic. Writing on his blog Pharyngula, the American biologist and outspoken atheist PZ Myers reports how he was prevented from entering a Minneapolis screening of Creationist propaganda documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. He was queueing up for what sounds like some kind of press screening when he was instructed by a security guard that one of the film's producers had let it be known that he must not be allowed into the film, and must leave the premises at once.

But the authorities didn't notice that PZ's wife and his guest were still in the queue, and they proceeded unhindered into the cinema. And this wasn't any ordinary guest. It was none other than Professor Richard Dawkins, going undercover to watch the very documentary he was last year misled into appearing in.

This story has grown pretty big on the internet over the Easter weekend, even making it into the NY Times. There's a huge list of web links here for anyone who wants to read more.

It's a great story on so many levels, with the irony of PZ being expelled from Expelled probably leading the field. After the screening Dawkins and PZ made a video discussing the incident:


Major said...
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Major said...

This is non-since. The movie was quite well done. Big surprise that Dawkins did not like it. I do hate that PZ missed it but I would be happy to buy him a ticket to go see the movie.