Friday, 29 February 2008

Richard Branson: Bigger than Jesus?

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Richard Branson is a better role model for children than Jesus, according to a survey out today. The Virgin Group boss – and author of Screw It Let's Do It (see pic) – came in second place below "a family member", while JC could only manage third place.

Before Christians rush off to swap their crucifixes for high-speed Virgin broadband and cans of Virgin Cola (do they still make that?), they may wish to take solace in the fact that their man was able to beat Princess Di (6th) and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver (7th).

Plus, Branson himself must see Jesus as a role model. After all, he did name his company after his mum...


D.TV said...

Dear Mr. Mrs.

I will like to see a simple truth in this humanitarianism concepts, In what standard can somebody measure himself to Jesus. Base on what model of truth in this post-modern era. Will Mr. Richard put himself in the same rank as Stallin, Marx, Hitler.

In a way those people got the same humanistism philosophy. Few questions might be ask here, can someone compare himself to morality pure when he knows that his mindset if affected by a disease of self-ego. If then, sin will be a simplist view can we keep a humanitarian not to be sinning,Mulgeridge might explain it.

I don't think that those questions were ask before writing this book that shows so small in comparison of a believer of Jesus. Following Religions you will be seem clean but the inside heart is full of disease.