Monday, 11 February 2008

Protests against Scientology take place around the world

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The anti-Scientology organisation "Anonymous" held its international day of protest yesterday, with groups of masked protesters turning up outside Scientology centres around the world.

"Anonymous" has been conducting an online "war" against the Church of Scientology over the past few weeks, a campaign that has involved hacking, Google bombing and posting videos on YouTube encouraging people to join in with yesterday's protests.

According to reports, protests took place in a number of North American cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, and in other cities across the globe. Here in London, just a stone's throw from our own offices, masked protesters gathered outside the Scientology centre on Tottenham Court Road (you can see photos of this here).

For our own part, we can't really understand why people would protest. We regularly walk past the Tottenham Court Road centre, and think it is most kind of those nice, clean cut, young men in suits to offer us free personality tests...


The Hogfather said...

I may be fairly ignorant as far as Scientology is concerned- but why are people protesting against it exactly.

Why is it specifically Scientology that is so bad and not any of the other world religions (they all seem fairly daft to me)?

Strappado said...

Scientology is clearly crap, but it's not really about that. I guess the other nuts just don't want competition.

Anonymous said...

Protesting against Scientology is surely fun and worthwhile, but how about a protest against the Church of England (or at least its loony leader)? While you're at it, you could make a statement about Sharia law as well, though you'd have to be fairly explicit that this isn't a racist protest or you'll get nicked by PC Politically Correct.