Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Poll: Should creationists ever be allowed to speak in university buildings?

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Following on from the controversy over last night's Islamic creationist talk in a UCL lecture theatre, we thought we'd set up a poll asking whether universities should ever allow such organisations to use their facilities?

Do you think universities should be happy to let creationists speak at events, if only to see them have their arguments torn apart by the scientifically-minded people who would surely outnumber them on a British campus, or do you believe (as was the case with UCL) that universities, in the name of free speech, have no choice but to provide student societies with buildings to host their events, regardless of whether they want to invite speakers who propagate such nonsense?

Alternatively you may believe that universities should never allow their facilities to be used by people advocating a "theory" that completely denies empirical evidence uncovered through decades, even centuries of hard work by scientists who may even have worked within the very same buildings. Does the need for a university to uphold science and reason outweigh the need to allow free speech for all?

Let us know by placing your vote at the top right of this page, and leaving your comments on this post.